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Are Biomagnetism / Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BMP) and magnetic therapy similar?

No, BMP is totally different from magnetic therapy, the only similarity is the use of magnets.

What are the benefits of Biomagnetism?

The Biomagnetic Pair Theraphy promotes the following benefits in the organism:

1.- Adequate state of energy.
2.- Correct activation of the immune response.
3.- Adequate functioning of organs, glands and tissue repair.
4.- Detoxification.
5.- Decrease in the harmful effects of stress.
6.- Correct metabolic activation.
7.- Decreased symptomatic processes (pain, inflammation, swelling, burning, etc.)
8.- Adequate vascular tonicity and blood flow.
9.- Decrease in adverse effects in conventional treatments.
10.-Decrease in hospitalization, convalescence and rehabilitation times.

What requirements should I have before coming to the therapy?

Avoid the use of bracelets, rings, necklaces, piercings or other types of ferromagnetic materials that can be attracted by magnets.
Procure adequate hydration.
Avoid the consumption of food 30 minutes before.
Avoid drinking energy drinks (coffee, tea, Coca Cola, etc.) at least 2 hours before.
Electronics must be removed (cell phones, music players, credit cards, etc.).

How many times do I have to come and perform a Biomagnetic Pair therapy?

3 treatments are recommended 7 - 10 days apart. Some people with chronic diseases - degenerative, autoimmune, tumor or with an advanced state of deterioration and convalescence may require more sessions.

* It is recomendet to perform prophylactic treatments of BMP Therapy every sesason.

What recommendations should I have at the end of the treatment?

After each treatment, it is recommended:

Change toothbrush
Eat healthy
Drink plenty of fluids

It is recommended to control physical, mental and emotional stress to strengthen the immune system, and thus increase the chances of clinical improvement.

Can Biomagnetism be used on people with metal prosthesis?

Yes, it can be used because regular prostheses are made of surgical steel or titanium and they are not magnetic on their own.

Can children and pregnant women be treated with Biomagnetism?

Yes, children can be treated in fact there is no age restriction for treatment and also women after 12th week of pregnancy can be treated.

Do I need to perform Biomagnetic Pair Therapy if I am in good health?

The best medicine is prevention. It is advisable to perform BPT every season, regardless of whether the person is in good health.


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