Your first Biomagnetism appointment will take 1,5 to  2 hours it will include an explanation from your therapist who will explain how Biomagnetism works and the details of your session. During which time you will explain your concerns regarding your health. 


It is recommended to wear comfortable but tight clothes, preferable natural materials. You may want to bring an extra layer if you are a person who usually feels cold. I will also offer to cover you with a blanket once the magnets are placed. For hygiene reasons PLEASE bring with you a pair of clean socks.


During the treatment you will be fully dressed lying on the therapy bed on your back, only shoes will be taken off. It is important to be relaxed as it influences your bodies reaction during the scanning process.

Your whole body (organs, including genitals, glands, major bones and muscles) will be scanned with a negative polarity magnet for pH imbalances using a kinesiology principle (muscle movement). When the negative pole of a magnet is applied on a point where there is an imbalance of the pH value a change in the bio-electricity of that point happens which is interpreted as stress by the cerebral amygdala (part of the brain). Muscles contract on the right side of the body (leg and arm shortens). After an imbalance is found in a particular area we look for a corresponding point (two points which are energetically connected, Biomagnetic Pair) and place a positive polarity magnet on that point. The Biomagnetic Pair creates a magnetic field in which the acidic or alkaline environment is neutralized and the legs even out (Depolarisation of a Biomagnetic Pair).

When a whole scan is complete magnets will be left on the body for 30 minutes. In this time your body will restore a neutral pH level in areas found and then your immune system will do its own work to get rid of pathogens and balance dysfunctions


Some people feel sensations when the magnets are on their bodies. Usually, clients feel very relaxed, others report minor tingling or vibration sensations. Some feel cold spots where a magnet is, some feel hot spots.  All of this is normal. And, if you do not feel anything, that is fine too.

After session clients usually feel an immediate improvement in their energy level and a relief of either mental or physical pressure.


Regarding what pathogens or other issues are found in a session, I do not discuss it afterward as I find it encourages too much focus on “the problem”. Furthermore, those issues are already in the past and therefore has no relevance anymore. In the end, it is more important to have real benefits and focus on thoughts of recovery.


After a session, the body may undergo a period of cleansing and rebuilding. This detoxification process is also called a healing crisis. *Healing* because the body is healing itself and becoming stronger, *crisis* because symptoms can be dramatic and rather unpleasant during this time. Healing reactions are usually self-limited, occur in 1 out of 10 cases, in a period of 24 to 48 hours after the treatment and symptoms of the detoxification process can be:

Increased urine output 
increased body temperature 
Muscle pain 
Joint pain 
Loss of appetite 

There is no need to be worried as this is your body's natural way of releasing pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, and processing detoxication. 



The cost of the treatment is 100 euro

Please arrive at the clinic at least 10 minutes early.

Arriving late for a session may result in a shortened treatment. Full session fees still apply.


To avoid being charged the full amount of the session, please give me at least 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel.

Clinical trial held in a clinic in Spain in the presence of international scientific observers from Europe, USA and Asia that shows the utility of Biomagnetic Pair therapy to prevent, diagnose and cure many diseases.


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